Shenandoah School

John McKnight Jameson arrived in this valley sometime before 1852 and gave it the name Shenandoah after the valley in Virginia. In 1853, John and Mary Isaacs Williams arrived from Mississippi with their ten children. With the subsequent arrival of other families, it was established that a school was needed and in 1855 a log cabin schoolhouse was built. It was the center of the new Williams District, so named for the large number of children the Williams family had.

By 1878, forty families lived in the Williams District and it was decided that a new schoolhouse was needed. The new building was completed in 1879. It continued to be called the Williams District until 1916, when it took the name Shenandoah or Shenandoah Valley. By the mid-1930s, the enrollment dropped to only twelve and a smaller building was erected, while the 1879 building was used as a community center. The school finally closed in 1952, when students were sent to Plymouth.

I Visited the Shenandoah School